SME Support

“Our specialty is in order for you to make everything simple and clear.”

As an IT company we are only too well aware that you, as an SME is often beaten ears with difficult IT terms while you as an entrepreneur rather are busy with other things.

Our specialty is in order for you to make everything simple and clear.
This is possible using different formulas:

  • Virtual Office for the budding entrepreneur With this service you can have a complete network environment without the purchase of even a single server.
    You rent ie. with us a full server environment that you can use with your business. Your laptop or computer is set up to work on our server.
    Mail, Calendar, File Server, Print Server , … are all included for a regular price per month. You can also still use email sync to your mobile.
    All your data is again put on an extra backup so you never have to lose something.
    You might only have 1 or 2 computers but you end up with a complete IT equipment of a large company.

    Our offer:

    fixed price per month for your own virtual office

  • Assistance Contract

    With this formula, you can enjoy 1 hour remote support for a very low monthly fee, regardless of the number of computers that you have in your business.
    You can also rely on our help desk for more hours or ask us to come onsite in urgent cases.

    Our offer

    regular price per month

  • SME support contract

    The management of computers, servers and networks using techniques that are used in large enterprises and for a fixed price per month.
    So you can perfectly prepare a budget and ensure that your IT needs will never suddenly cost more.

    Our offer:

    # All-in IT support

    A fixed price per month per computer
    A fixed price per month per server

    – Help Desk
    – Hours remotely and locally
    – Travel expenses

    # Flex contracts

    All modalities are modular combine until a solution is found that is the best for you.

    Some examples:
    – Help Desk
    – Remote assistance
    – All-in price
    – Fixed day a week onsite
    – Audit of your existing computer park
    – …

You combine so but your heart’s content and so paid only for what you need in your own company.